So, I have a confession for all of you to hear. I am….well, (deep breath)…

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…a cover hog.  The poor JA has had to put extra blankets on his bed when I come over because I inevitably end up stealing most of the covers.  This morning, I woke up waaay too early to find that I had monopolized my entire queen-size flat sheet. The JA was left with my summer comforter.  Now, that would be fine, but he’s not a big cover person in the first place, so leaving him with just a comforter? Eesh. I felt quite selfish.

I’m sure there are other areas in which I could be considered selfish, but this one is pretty unavoidable. You see, I’m the type of person who gets goosebumps if a stiff breeze comes through on a 90-degree day. So, no matter what the weather, I always have a blanket or some sort of cover available.

Thank heavens we compromise – he gets the fan on the setting of his liking and I get the right to steal the covers.  It’s working so far…

Question:  Is there any area of your life that you feel selfish? Not sharing food? Taking a lot of time to exercise? Workaholic? Or are you a cover hog like me?


2 thoughts on “Selfish

  1. the cover thing has always been an issue for me.. so i did the smart thing and brought to single quilts to the bed.. he has his and i have mine… it pisses him right off… but then he shouldn’t have kept hogging it all to himself.. 😛

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