Introducing…Try It Tuesday

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a series on the blog entitled Try It Tuesday.  Here’s how it will work: every Tuesday I will write about things I’ve recently tried and, more importantly, enjoyed.  I’m not going to steer you wrong…I like you all too much!  Try It Tuesday will span a variety of topics – tv shows, food, movies, books, alcohol, exercise workouts/classes, etc.

I’d love to have recommendations of things to try, so either leave a comment or email me at

Drumroll, please…….the premiere of Try It Tuesday!

Try It Tuesday – World Table Hummus Snack Chips

Mommy and Daddy Janks went out to Wal-Mart this weekend and came back with a ton of stuff.  Most of it was boring, but hidden inside one of their bags were these gems – World Table Hummus Snack Chips.  Now, there are certain times where I’m craving salt and would pretty much be happy with a salt lick. However, most of the time, salt turns me off (with the exception of being placed on a nice, cold margarita). These chips could easily appease my salt craving without overdoing it.  They are light – Mommy Janks described them as, “almost like a cracker” – and the 8 oz. bag can easily fit in a desk drawer.  They also have a bit of zing to them.  Beware…they are addicting! But a  light, semi-salty snack that I can keep in my desk? Yes, please!

they even have the word snack in the title!

Question: What are you craving right now? After the gluttony that was 4th of July weekend, I can’t say I’m craving too much. I let loose and ate anything and everything I wanted.  It was glorious.


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