Come out, come out, wherever you are…

So, I’ve had the worst time with misplacing things recently. I bought a pair of aviator sunglasses on Saturday and now, they are nowhere to be found.  I’ve had one of my good friend’s books since April and it’s missing as well. I’ve misplaced things before, but this is ridiculous.  It seems like I put something down and it magically disappears!  I’ve searched every corner of the house, cleaned out Norman (yes, I’ve named my car) and even looked around at work to no avail.  BAH!

Maybe munching on some World Trade Hummus Snack Chips will help….

Question: Where do your lost items normally hide? I swear I put the sunglasses in my purse and I distinctly recall the last spot the book was located…maybe it’s time to rummage through couch cushions  :/

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