Finding Motivation

So today I have the day “off.” I’ve already checked and answered some work emails, but it’s nice not to have to commute into the office and to have a bit of breathing room with my schedule. With my job, there’s not a lot I can do for the summer PR-wise since the faculty and students are gone, but I’m in charge of advertising, the alumni magazine and the alumni golf tournament, so there’s still plenty to keep me busy.

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But…it’s just so hard to get motivated on these days. As much as I would like to be productive, I’d really just like to stay in my jammies until noon and then lay out in the sun all afternoon.  Instead, last night I decided that plans for the day include the desired reading and relaxing, but also include trying the Fitnessista’s Schweaty July Elliptical Workout.  I’ll be back later with  my playlist and the details!

Question: What do you do to motivate yourself? Most of the time, a to-do list is enough to get my tush off the couch. However, these summer days are just begging for laziness! Good thing I’ve been inspired by some blogs (see the blogroll) to try some new things. Who knows? Maybe some of these adventures will provide for interesting Try It Tuesday posts 🙂

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