Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

As mentioned in today’s earlier post, I made a fairly safe to-do list for the day. One thing I failed to mention is that Sundays tend to be lazy days for me – reading, relaxing and mentally prepping for the week ahead. However, with the shower yesterday afternoon, I had some things I needed to accomplish:

lunch with the JA
– laundry
– send out invite to end of summer soiree
– light work out
– pay bills
– Mass

Not too shabby. It was a gorgeous day outside, so I knew I needed to get crackin’ once I woke up.  The morning was pretty productive and then once I returned from lunch with the JA, things pretty much went downhill. Partly to blame is the sandwich I had from Dimitri’s (sooo filling), but mostly it’s because Sunday afternoons tend to scream “take it easy!” to me.  This week at work I have my yearly review and have to write/compile all 16 pages of the summer issue of the alumni magazine. Not too stress-inducing, but enough that I feel the need to relax before tomorrow begins.

As part of my relaxation time, I caught up on some news and here are some things the piqued my interest from the past few days:

Ohio State vacates 2010 wins (as a PSU fan with an avid dislike of all things OSU this makes me happy)
Hines Ward arrested on DUI charge in Georgia (being a Steeler fan for a smidge, this did make me kind of sad…and then I remember that the Steelers/Ravens game is the first of the season and my view quickly changed)
Indiana abandons teaching handwriting for keyboarding (grrr…so frustrated with this)
Women’s US soccer team pulls out a win; advances to World Cup semi-finals (normally, I don’t follow soccer, but apparently, according to Bernadette Woods -a local meteorologist t here in Baltimore and a fellow PSU grad – a good number of the players on the team played for Penn State. Way to go, ladies!!)

Questions: (1) What accomplishments are your proud of crossing off your ‘to-do’ list this weekend? (2) What do you do to relax when you have a good amount of spare time?


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