Even though things went well this morning, I still found myself in a funk on my way home.  I’ve come to the realization that tired Jess is not a nice Jess…especially behind the wheel.  Now, I’m an impatient person to begin with and so traffic can change my good mood into a foul one on any given day. But at 2 p.m., traffic normally cooperates – today, it was the drivers.

I had one person try to squeeze into a spot in front of me, almost hitting the front passenger side of poor Norman (yes, I name my cars). I had another person fail to use their turn signal and decide that they desperately needed to be in the right hand lane, causing me to slam on my brakes and say some very not nice things to them. And then there’s construction…oh the construction.

How would my life be different if my commute and errand-running involved no detours, re-routing, bumpy/unpaved/pothole-y roads, you ask?  Happy Jess would make an appearance much more often. Also, the fact that I’m habitually at least five minutes late to everything might be alleviated.  Or not….

I think another reason I have problems with traffic is because a few years ago I had a bad accident on the PA Turnpike (we are SO not friends). My car at that time (Stuart the Saab) skidded and turned across two lanes of traffic and hit the divider wall twice.  He was a bit beat up and lost his front license plate, but I was fine. The airbag (surprisingly) didn’t deploy and I made it to Pittsburgh safely.  In order to get home, my friends kindly helped me make some…adjustments to poor Stu. While I seemingly have gotten over the mental anguish the accident caused, I still think I’m a bit more cautious driver now.

yeah, that's ribbon

In order to keep the cranky in check, I came home and accomplished the final thing on my to-do list from the weekend. Then ate one of these.  Now it’s time to work it out at Body Pump. I’ll see y’all later..if the drive to the gym doesn’t put me over the edge!


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