Time to Review

This weekend, I mentioned that today I’m having my yearly review. I’m hoping there aren’t any surprises and know that I’m doing a good job, but it’s still a bit nerve-wracking.

You see, at my old job reviews were a big deal – something to be feared and anticipated with dread and a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. A week before your scheduled review, a document got sent out to the entire team (it was a small office), asking them to score you in a variety of areas. Those scores and comments were compiled and combined with the senior management’s impressions. On the day of your review, you were called into a senior team member’s office and were basically asked to defend everything you had done in the past year – toot your horn for the good and utterly berate yourself/apologize profusely for the mistakes. Many a person came out of these meetings visibly upset. It was horrendous.

Thus, even though I know I’m doing a good job and I’m happy where I am, review time always gives me a yucky feeling. I’ve set good goals for the year for myself and I know that if something major were to have happened, it would have been brought to my attention and dealt with by now. It still doesn’t curb the flashbacks of my old review process and the dread that still fills me when I get called in by a senior management member.

Update: It went really well! My supervisor and I discussed a lot of things and we’re both very happy with my progress in the past year.  There are always areas for improvement and my job responsibilities are constantly expanding (which I love) but overall, it turned out nicely.  No crying, no feeling bad about myself, no wishing I said anything different than what came out of my mouth.  I might end up liking these reviews after all!

Question: What aspects of your job do you love? What aspects do you hate? (I promise I won’t tell and feel free to omit any incriminating information!)


3 thoughts on “Time to Review

  1. Nice to see you here 😉 I actually like reviews because I’ve always worked at places w/good bosses who use them as a chance to see where I can grow and succeed in the upcoming year. Having reviews like you used to seems so counter-productive. I’m glad it went well!

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