Try It Tuesday: Friday Night Lights

the JA and I are quickly becoming huge fans of watching TV on DVD. We started one series (Grey’s Anatomy) but quickly tired after season two, so this is our second try at watching a complete series from the beginning.  We decided on Friday Night Lights (henceforth referenced as FNL) and here’s why:

I had heard rave reviews about the series and actually caught a few episodes when they were on a cable channel by fluke for a few weeks last summer.  When the JA and I were discussing how we were tiring of Grey’s, I knew exactly which series was on tap. It’s hard to find a show that both guys and girls can admit to their friends that they both watch.  FNL deals with football in Texas.  Yes, these kids are in high school, but there are some adult themes and the relationship between the Coach and his wife is role-model worthy (I love them to pieces).  Therefore, guys can admit they watch it (because it’s manly and football-y) and women can admit they watch it (for the Tim Riggins character and the drama aspect). Both the JA and I are now hooked and many of our friends have agreed that it’s the perfect “couples” show.

for all you lovebugs out there..

and for the boys...

Now, I do have to disclose that I am a  football fan. Going to Penn State, how could I not be converted into one?  the JA is one of the coaches for our high school’s freshmen football team.  So we both understand football on a basic level at the very least. However, the show isn’t really too football-based and I feel like anyone could enjoy it.

If you need more incentive to watch the series, here’s a few more nuggets that might sway you. (1) the series is based on a book, (2) it’s won a Peabody Award, a Humanitas Prize and a Television Critics Association Award, as well as several technical Primetime Emmy Awards.  (3) At the 2010 Emmys, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (Mr. & Mrs. Coach Taylor themselves)  were nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress awards in a Drama Series, (4) it wrapped its final season earlier this year, so you can watch it from the beginning without having to subject yourself (or your DVR) to another season of cliff-hangers.

All I’m asking is that you try it. It is, after all, Try It Tuesday.


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