Movie Review: Revolutionary Road vs. Blue Valentine

I’ve had Revolutionary Road (RR)  in my Netflix queue for a while, and have finally gotten around to receiving and viewing it.  After watching Blue Valentine (BV) with my friend Celia a few weeks ago, I found Revolutionary Road quite similar. Both deal with unhappy couples, create moments of extreme tension, are a bit over the top and end with a loss. (Don’t worry, it’s not a super spoiler…I didn’t tell you everything!)


  • the grass is greener on the other sides
  • idea of craziness (definition of crazy, who in the movie is crazy vs. sane)
  • idea of love vs. lust
  • idea of crazy (crazy in love, crazy vs. sane)

Unlike BV,  I found RR to move at a decent pace. It was intriguing and certainly not as graphic.  Maybe because it’s set in the 50s whereas BV could take place today. RR resonated with me more, I think because you understood the thought process and inner conflict of both Frank and April. In BV, it was once character chasing the other and it got old fast. I guess that’s the difference between a studio release and an indie film.

Have you seen either of these movies? What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Revolutionary Road vs. Blue Valentine

  1. watched blue valentine at the end of february. albeit not the happiest feel good film to view, the power and depth portrayed by ryan and michelle made this film worth my time and pretty legit.

  2. I just wrote my review of Revolutionary Road last night. I have seen the film twice and I love it. I have Blue Valentine but after hearing what friends and co worker have said about the film I am leery. Actually I just have to put myself in the right mood because from what I have heard and read it is a good film. Hoping one day to be the MVB of Howard County 🙂

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