Ladies Night

A few of my faves and I went out to a happy hour last night at XS in Mt. Vernon. Food was good (I played it safe with the Boston roll), blueberry mojito was very blue and minty, but there was no question that the company took the cake 🙂

After dinner, I got back to the house and decided to do something productive – wipe down Norman‘s windshield. It was super streaky and driving me insane!! Then I settled in to watch some Harry Potter 6 and relax. Nothing too earth shattering..

..except that the Women’s US Soccer team is going to the finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time in 12 years. As stated before, I’m not a big fan of soccer, but I was at the gym and the games were on; I had no choice but to watch! Riveting stuff and I’m interested to see how things turn out.

Plus, this Nike commercial with the ladies rocks my socks.

Other things that excite me this week:

    • Harry Potter 7  Part 2 opens tonight at midnight
    • I’m heading up to my home away from home tomorrow
    • Here Comes the Bride 2011 v2 part 1 commences Saturday (see v1 part 1 here)
Sorry for the lack of photos – busy day today!

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