In my review of Onward, I mentioned that the July book for my book club was Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld.  We had read American Wife, loosely based on the life of Laura Bush and I enjoyed that so I had high hopes for Prep. Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint.

Maybe this is due to the fact that I attended an all-girls, Catholic high school where I felt like myself, my money and my lifestyle were never adequate enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I had friends (we dubbed ourselves the Sweet 16) and I still am close with a few of them to this day. Yet, while my teen angst and awkwardness paled in comparison to the narrator, Lee’s, I still strongly identified with her character. She had a crush on a seemingly unobtainable young man, she felt out of place at school, she found herself in arguments with her parents because they embarrassed her…I mean, I feel like this could have been derived from any teenage girl’s diary!

In my opinion, the writing is really what made this book good. It wasn’t too over the top, yet the word choice conveyed every little nuance of feeling – the hint of embarrassment, the rush of adrenaline when your crush walks into the room, the sting of your parent’s unknowing error when speaking with your friends.

It was a bit weird reading a book about an adolescent girl as a young woman, but it provided me with a walk down memory lane – the good, the bad and the ugly memories surfacing as the plot unfolded.

What are you reading right now? Any recommendations for my next read?


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