Try It Tuesday: PostSecret

I am hooked on the PostSecret project and think you should be, too. Here’s why:

What It Is
PostSecret an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren, that allows people  to anonymously mail in their deepest, darkest secret on a postcard to an address in Germantown, MD. Here, the postcards are scanned, categorized and used either online or in a book. Not all secrets make the cut, but I can imagine that many secrets are in the same vein and portray the same ideas. The project started in January 2005 – 10 secrets were posted each Sunday with the hope that  they provided  inspiration to those who read them, served as a catharsis for those who write them, gave hope to those who identify with a stranger’s secret, and created an anonymous community of acceptance.

What It’s Done for Me
I truly admire Frank Warren for putting this idea into motion.  Not gonna lie, one of the first things I do every Sunday is to log on and see if that week’s secrets are posted. I follow it on Twitter. I like it on Facebook. In short, I’m kind of obsessed. The idea of building a community around secrets is fascinating to me. It’s nice to know that you aren’t alone in your hopes, dreams, fears, etc.  That people have the same quirks as you do. That people are just there.

PostSecret has recently become affiliated with Hopeline, a suicide prevention hotline. Even more recently, Frank has established the International Suicide wiki – a worldwide directory of suicide prevention hotlines, text-lines, and resources.  I have never had to use these resources myself, but a person extremely close to me has.  To be truthful, there probably was a time where I could have used this listing, so I thank Frank for putting this list together for those of us who love someone so much that even though we know we personally can’t help, there’s an updated directory of those who can.


Okay…on a lighter note, click here to see PostSecret in action. Don’t forget to log on this Sunday to see updated secrets!


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