Summer Jamz 2k11

Yes, I just spelled jams with a z. Hear me out.

I got to thinking after reading this post earlier today that I haven’t made a mix cd in a while. Now, I don’t sync my iPod to Norman because I have to mess with the volume and there’s a cable involved and, honestly, I’m just too lazy most of the time. So I rely on either the radio or cds to get me through my time in the car.  Thanks to Nettifred, I usually get new music every six months. However, she graduated this past May and hasn’t come home to grace me with summer music.

Therefore, I have been left to my own devices.  I now present…Janks’s Summer Jamz 2k11.

Top 40

Alt. Rock
Guilty Pleasures

Now that I’ve spilled, what are your top jamz this summer?


One thought on “Summer Jamz 2k11

  1. MAHAHA. you asked. and i will tell you MY summer jamz. and later, i will give you things you want to hear.

    -bingo players: cry
    – against me!: bamboo bones
    -feed me: strange behaviour
    – ellie goulding: your song
    -washed out: amor fati
    …i still havent figured out that stinkin rap song thats been in my head for a month…

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