Productivity City

Today I have the day off from work. I was contemplating making it a lazy day for the following reasons: 1. It’s hot outside, 2. I tried some new things at the gym this week, 3. I want to save my energy for the worrying that will occur over my excursion tomorrow (even though the JA has it thoroughly mapped out) , 4. True Life was on tv last night and I just can’t get enough of that show!

As my bleary eyes looked around my room this morning, I decided that no, today would not be a lazy day. Instead it would be the opposite. I have a bunch of little things I need to get done and I plan on attacking my personal ‘to-do’ list with a vengeance. The list includes cleaning, a bunch of errands, the gym and possibly some reading.  I figure that if instead of going stir-crazy in the house, I might as well get some stuff done.

Plus, I always feel better if I’ve had a productive day. Crossing things off my list makes me happy (I even write things on my list just to have the pleasure of crossing them off!)

it's a doozy

What motivates you to attack your ‘to-do’ list? On normal Fridays, it’s the promise of a nice beverage at the end of the day. Happy Friday – hope it’s a productive one 🙂


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