Siesta Fiesta

Good morning and welcome to all those who heard about Just Call Me Janks in my mention on Morningstar Project! I hope you enjoy what you read and continue to come back for more 🙂

Now onto the good stuff. When I woke up, a torrentially dounpour was in full effect here at Casa de Janks. It’s lessened since that time, but it would be nice if it lessened even more – to like a drizzle, perhaps? Today’s kind of a big day. So weather gods, if you’re out there, cut a girl some slack! My requests are for no rain and not so blazing hot/humid. Think you could make that happen? Awesome. You’re the best.

In other news, I recently have taken to engaging in an hour+ long mid-afternoon nap. I don’t know if it’s because of the heat or the absolute coziness of the living room couch ( Affectionately referred to it as Big Blue. Yes, my family and I have a naming problem.) but it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous. As for yesterday, I’m blaming that nap on the fact that I kicked my ‘to-do’ list‘s butt.

sooo comfy!

I do have to say that the Europeans are onto something with this idea. Having a mid-afternoon nap seems to put everything into perspective. My mornings are full with errands and work and my evening workouts are more productive. It’s nice to have something to break up the day while also giving my body/mind a rest.

Even when I go back to my regular work schedule, which puts me home at around 4:30 p.m., I tend to take a mini-nap (about 15 – 30 min). I just lay down, rest my eyes and relax. As I said, it helps me reset and I wake up with a clear head. Makes it a lot easier to tackle anything the evening throws at me.

What about you, do you take naps on a regular basis? I used to in college and then I stopped for a bit, and now I’ve restarted.


One thought on “Siesta Fiesta

  1. I have to say a mid-afternoon nap is one of the greatest joys in my life (aside from my son, of course!). I sometimes wake up early just so that I can take that afternoon nap because I love it so very much!

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