the Mom Meet

As most of you know, the JA and I took our moms to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center on Saturday. Knowing my anxious nature, the JA planned out every detail in an itinerary for me – detailing everything from metro fares to dinner menus and everything in between. However, seeing as it was 100+ degrees outside, he decided to switch up the game plan and drive into DC instead.

We hit a few snags getting there, but what’s a road trip without getting lost at least once? We parked at the Kennedy Center and made our way to Dish + Drinks, a cozy restaurant tucked away in the River Inn. We arrived way before our scheduled reservation, but were seated right away. The JA and I got appetizers: he, the mixed salad, me, the calamari. Both were decent but nothing to write home about. For the main course, Mommy Janks had the salmon and the rest of us had the steak. Both were deemed savory and the presentation was perfect. Seeing as this was a special meal, we all got dessert; the ladies got the brownie sundae, the JA got the key lime tart. If I could write a love letter to that brownie sundae without sounding corny, I totally would. The brownie was perfectly cooked (meaning that it wasn’t dry, a bit undercooked by some standards) with vanilla bean ice cream and strawberries on top. The key lime tart was, I heard, deliciously refreshing. However, I was not going to risk ruining my palette with another, possibly less tasty, dessert!

We got a cab back to the Kennedy Center. If you can call a black Chrysler 300 with a suited driver who opens the door for you a cab. Anyway, we entered the venue and made our way to the veranda for pictures. It was still hot, so we got about two pictures in before deciding to head inside. We made our way up to our seats and the moms briefly chatted about how they met the dads before the show began.

The show was great. “Defying Gravity” and “For Good” still gave me goosebumps, “Popular” made me laugh and the set was just as it was in New York. However, not to sound like a snob, but it wasn’t as mindblowingly awesome as it was in New York. Elphaba didn’t have as much presence and sometimes I wondered if her mic was turned a bit too low. Regardless of my opinion, the moms had a blast! I knew that everything would turn out fine, but it was nice once the show was over and we returned safe and sound.

Did I mention that the JA got all the ladies flowers? He’s a gentlemen like that. I think Mommy Janks now loves him more than she loves me…if that’s possible 😉


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