As the JA and I were on our way to breakfast yesterday, we heard a deejay on the radio talking about a study she read stating that women are more likely to be attracted to a man if she is the slimmer of the two. The deejay and her co-host went on to say these women were looking for a D.F.B. – Designated Fat Boyfriend.

The JA immediately turns to me and I:

a. look at him like he’s crazy and tell him I love him like he is
b. point out that some people are just naturally bigger than others
c. tell him these deejays are stupid and misconstruing the thoughts of women everywhere
d. all of the above

If you answered D – you are correct! Congratulations 🙂

I elaborated on my comments, stating that women tend to go for men they know can physically protect them.  It’s science! I mean, it probably can be traced back to the hunter/gatherer days.  Women since then traditionally look for men that are more muscular, taller, etc. than they are. NOT FATTER. Way to give my boyfriend a complex, silly deejays!

Ladies – Am I right or am I wrong on this one?


4 thoughts on “D.F.B.

  1. I agree with you! Plus I feel like having a boyfriend that is bigger than me (and not saying that in a bad way) makes it easier for him to give me big hugs and cuddle with me. I love feeling tiny next to him!

  2. disagree. there’s typically a bomb in a couple, and more often than not, girls make sure they’re not that one. if it means fatter and/or less aesthetically pleasing, then that’s what it is. i however tend to go for the 30-40% homosexual type, regardless of height, weight, or physical deformities. thus, making an exception to another commonplace rule.

    • Interesting. I guess it’s that reacher/settler theory. However, with so many facets to a relationship, I think that in every category one person will be ‘better’ than the other. And you’re the exception to a lot of commonplace rules. You’re awesome because of it 🙂

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