Bills, Bills, Bills

This is how I feel about my money situation right now.

My car payment slipped under my nose this month and I just noticed yesterday that I hadn’t written a check for it (yes, a check because it costs an extra $5.00 to process online and why would I want to pay that when I could spend it on something fun?). Freaked the eff out. Sucked it up and paid online.

However, this weekend is Liz’s bachelorette party. At the beach. Cha-ching. Next weekend, I’m heading to the beach again, this time with the JA’s family. Cha-ching again. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m super excited for both. I just like having a certain amount of money in my bank account. Right now, with my credit card bills (including the fall boots I just bought) and these two trips , it looks like I’m going to dip below my desired number. At least until I get paid next week but right now I still feel like I’m still going to be tight for the next month or so.

And that’s fine. It happens. I’m living at home and have saved a good chunk of money doing so. I’m just extremely Type A. So dipping into my ‘danger zone’ (which might not even be a danger zone for others) just gets me a little nervous.

I also don’t really budget. I know I should, but I know how much my bills (generally) are a month and make sure that I can cover them. It’s just unexpected events like buying a new tire that seem to pop up at the most inopportune time and throw a wrench into everything. I have a Mint account, but seeing as my one credit card doesn’t register on there, it’s kind of pointless. Plus, I have to remember to enter in all my cash purchases. Ugh.

Any budgeting tips to help a girl out? Me dipping so low money-wise rarely happens, but when it does…eeek!!

Oh, and because this song has been in my head the entire time I wrote this post, I’m passing it along to you. Consider it brainstorming music 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bills, Bills, Bills

  1. Well, first let’s just admit that those boots are FABULOUS and well, my child’s Godmother should have FABULOUS boots! Second, we budget everything. We budget how much money for eating out, how much we’re willing to spend on gas, how much “free” money we have each month, and how much goes into investments. When we’ve spent that money, all unnecessary travel, eating out, and fun stuff has to wait until next month. It’s not always fun, but it makes it much easier when we get to the end of each month because we know exactly what we’ll have. I guess this is part of being a grown up 😦

    • Hahaha. I know, right! I love the boots and knew I had to snatch them up before they were all gone! Thanks for the tips. I probably should sit down and take a serious look at where I’m spending my money (even cash) and budget it out so that I’m not so tight when unexpected things come up. Oof. Such a grown up thing to do.

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