A Single Person

That’s all it took to brighten my day. It wasn’t necessarily a BAD day, per se, but not one that I would classify as good. The JA got me flowers for no reason last night (which was very nice of him) but even with them in tow, the day just didn’t feel right.

I did the work thing and then a doctor’s appointment. At work, I received a hilarious email from my ex-roomie that brightened my day a bit, but unfortunately not enough to turn the day around. After my doctor’s appointment, I dragged my tush to the gym and came home for dinner.  Talked to Nettifred, who is currently traveling from CA back to MD with Mommy J. but even that didn’t brighten my mood.

Probably because I was sitting in my bathing suit. It was just NOT a good idea to do this particular activity on an ‘eh’ day. I felt fat and unattractive, even though I got on the scale this morning and it read a number  lower than I think I ever saw in high school. Major downer.

I change, ate dinner and then went to run some errands in prep for the beach tomorrow. I headed up to the JA’s father’s liquor store to get some…amenities.  The two clerks who were working are the oddest pair imaginable but so totally awesome (case in point: they were talking about starting their own male stripper business. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t get that far.) Just hanging out with them for those few minutes made my day.

Moral of the story: Be nice. Be yourself. You never know who’s day you will brighten just by being you 🙂 A single person can make all the difference.



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