Oh, Fall.

As I mentioned yesterday, I purchased my first pair of fall boots. This, plus the cooler temperatures (80s instead of 100s) got be to thinking about why I like and dislike the fall.


  • Temperature. You can’t beat the crisp air, cool mornings with warm afternoons and an excuse to wear skirt and boots. (Rant: ladies, it is NOT appropriate to wear winter boots with summer skirts. EVER.)
  • Football. Being a Penn Stater, this is a given. Pro football comes in a very close second. Truth: You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Happy Valley on a football Saturday.

  • Back to School. As much as I love having a relaxed summer schedule, I truly look forward to the days the boys come back. They bring an energy and life to the school that is certainly lacking during the summers and holidays.
  • Fall Weddings. The JA and I have a total of four between us so far in September and October. Fall is obviously turning into the new summer for wedding season. And I’m okay with that.

  • Birthday/Anniversary season. My birthday and our anniversary are in November. Fall signifies that present season is quickly approaching!


  • It’s one season closer to winter. Snow and cold temperatures are not my friends. Even if it does mean snow days.
  • Reunions. Working in the Development Office, we handle all the alumni reunions for the school. While it’s not too much of a hassle, having to spend practically every Saturday night at a reunion gets old pretty quick.
  • Scheduling. With all that we have going on scheduling in the fall becomes a beast. Social life, what’s that?
  • Back to School. With the kids being back, it means summer schedule is no more. It’s the hardest thing in the world going from getting off work at 2 p.m. to getting off work at 4 p.m. Especially when the rest of school (teachers included) dismiss at 2:30 p.m. UGH. Plus, this means professional dress – heels and skirts are so cumbersome after spending the summer in flip flops and shorts.

I think that pretty much covers it. What do you like best/least about fall?


66 thoughts on “Oh, Fall.

  1. HEY what’s wrong with winter? Everybody loves winter!

    The tree leaves in the fall are pretty awesome, the streets fill up with oranges, browns and yellows, pretty awesome stuff.. I like the fall!

    Great post! And congrats on being promoted to Freshly Pressed!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Edwin! It’s not like I don’t enjoy winter (working at a high school in Baltimore gives me the pleasure of snow days) but it’s not one of my FAVORITE seasons. I get cold when the breeze blows on a 90 degree day so winter is just too cold and too long for my liking!

  2. I JUST lamented on Facebook yesterday: “Isn’t it boot weather yet???”

    I miss my boots. And you’re spot-on about your fashion assessment: Never wear winter boots with a summer dress. It just looks silly…

    Fun post — can’t WAIT for fall! 🙂

    • Appropriate skirt/boot weather is my favorite. It’s just that crisp, fall air when you don’t want to wear pants but you’re not willing to give up skirts. Perfect compromise!

  3. Well, my birthday is in the autumn as well, so I think that’s what I like best about that season…I might be just a bit biased, I supposed. 😉

    I also love the weather. Summer is usually WAY too hot and winter is sometimes rather chilly, but fall seems to be just perfect. Also, I love walking through the leaves that have fallen from the trees…something so satisfying about hearing the crunching beneath my feet (I know…I’m such a dork). 😉

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Fall birthdays are the best! And don’t feel bad about the leaf-crunching. It’s definitely one of the simple pleasures of fall.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Fall – or Autumn – is my favorite season. It always has been. The weather is cool and moderate (perfect), the leaves change color, die and fall off (it’s amazing to watch — death and decay is something peculiar to our experience on earth and I intend on appreciating it and trying to understand it), everyone is in a GREAT mood because the train of latter-year holidays is approaching (albeit that two of the said holidays are pagan), and it is no longer so HOT out that I refuse to play tennis. Cold weather helps me get back in shape — it’s invigorating and motivating.

    Love the fall.
    We have about two more months left here in AL
    before we begin enjoying it..

    Aun Aqui

      • A snow day in AL? That must have been a treat!

        Hoodies, jeans and yoga pants are my fall non-work wardrobe. However, it’s a bit harder for me to get motivated at the gym because it’s dark when I leave work, so good for you and your fall weather workouts!

  5. Fall has to be my favorite season by far. First, I love fall fashions above all. It’s still warm enough to only wear a light jacket, jeans, and of course, cute boots. The food is amazing. Who doesn’t just love the smell of pumpkin filling the house. And the leaves. Oh how I love the changing of the leaves. Until they start to fall off. I don’t love that 🙂

    Thanks for helping me remember how much I love fall!


    • Not a problem, Amanda! Thanks for reading why I love it so much! You’re totally spot on with the pumpkin smell. Totally forgot to put that in the Like section.

  6. HEY! I’m a Penn State fan, too! In fact, just yesterday I told my mom I need her to buy me a new PSU hoodie for the Fall football season. UP herein Canada they don’t sell ’em (for shame!).

  7. I love fall! The crisp air and the bright leaf colors are the best. Sweaters and jeans are my favorite articles of clothing so it’s nice to be able to wear them without a coat. 🙂

    • I don’t know if it’s my absolute favorite – it’s a tie between fall and spring, but each has its own likes and dislikes.

      Thanks for reading!

  8. i love fall. hate winter, but love fall. the smell of an early morning, football, leaves falling, sweatshirts and firepits, grilling without the bugs…it’s all fantastic.

  9. I think fall is the one season I shall miss most here in Florida. As a Michigan State alumni – I always thought campus was spectacular in the fall, especially on football Saturdays. Love your pictures, and your fashion advice is spot-on. Congrats on being FP’d

    • Thanks so much and I’m glad to see another Big Ten alumnus on here! I think college campuses in the fall just hold a great amount of energy (even with those ladies who pair their winter boots with jean skirts.)

  10. All very good points. I recently just moved to Florida, so I will definitely be missing the crisp autumn air of the Midwest! Plus the color changes on the trees… that was probably my favorite part. I hate the fact that summer ends though; plus, since my blog is dedicated to summer, I’ll have to go on hiatus ):

  11. Fall is great–better than summer! The weather, plus as others have said, the leaves changing colors and more fires in the fireplace and Halloween with costumes and candy and Thanksgiving. Plus being closer to winter–which I like even more, but probably because I live in CA so do not have to deal with snow and sludge and all those trappings. But no snow days either. Drats. Thanks for posting. . .and congrats on being FPed

  12. I love fall! It is my favorite season. Cardigan weather, Halloween, apple cider, Thanksgiving, the beautiful leaves, fresh start of school. It is my ultimate favorite season.

  13. Ayayay, i envy you guys for your 4 seasons. 🙂 In the Philippines, we only have the wet, wetter and dry seasons. 🙂 I did experience the 4 seasons in Japan though and FALL definitely tops my list!

  14. I so agree with you about the winters. Is dull and gray and lonely for me. it’s lonely even when I’m surrounded by my favorite people. I’m desperately waiting for the mind-numbing brightness of the summers (North-Indian Summer) and shorts and flip flops 🙂

    PS: check out my blog. I’v just started here and would love to have experienced writers like you read my blog and comment. https://wonderworldofawondermind.wordpress.com

  15. I love fall but this year I’ll be commuting 2 hours every day and I’m dreading it in winter.
    But I am looking forward to getting some new fall outfits, so there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud, as they say!

  16. Fall…Absolutely the best, my preference would be that the calendar ran from Sept 1st through December and then started back in Sept. again! I know that would be impractical but, hey wishes don’t have to be practical ..right?

  17. Fall is pretty, but weather wise you can’t count on those sunny days to last. The further into the season you get, the more rainy and dreary it gets. That’s what I don’t like about fall. Summer is my personal favorite. I was born in August, so that’s my special perk of summer. And did I mention I HATE driving in snow (fall is a painful reminder that that’s just around the corner). Sorry if I’m being an Eeyore 🙂 Overall, I love all seasons for their own qualities. That’s my two cents! Thanks for reading.

  18. Definitely the football! I think my good friend said it best the other day when I talked to him. He said, “This country needs football.” That really struck me because it is so true, especially now. No other sport teaches the values and character that our country needs more than ever right now like football does. Hard work, perserverence, poise in the face of adversity, dedication, and family. What a sport… it transcends the football field.

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