Summer Reading

Being that I attended private school beginning in second grade, summer reading has been a constant in my life.  I enjoy reading and normally, this wasn’t a problem. That is, until I reached high school and was assigned not only books for English class but also those for History. I breezed my way through Jane Eyre, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Rebecca but fought tooth and nail through Clan of the Cave Bear, The Jungle and Undaunted Courage (to name just a few.) It was rough, but I’m a better person for reading those books.

Nowadays, I’m working in a high school and decided to help with the summer reading program. Students are assigned a book and on a predetermined day, will gather with faculty and staff moderators to discuss the book. I got to pick the book and have decided to read Our Guys by Bernard Lefkowitz.  A bit heavy, I know, but I thought that it would be good for the boys to have a female perspective on the whole issue.

Other books on the ‘to read’ list for the remainder of the summer are:

The 19th Wife – David Ebershoff
The Violets of March – Sarah Jio
The Girl in the Green Raincoat – Laura Lippman
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot

I’m so stoked to read all of these books – probably because there’s not historical one in the bunch! What are you reading this summer? Any others to recommend that should be on my list?

To read my thoughts on other books I’ve read this summer, take a gander at my Reviews page 🙂


6 thoughts on “Summer Reading

    • I’m sorry you’re a bit offended! However, history was always one of my most difficult subject – I just couldn’t get into it. When I attended Penn State, I even went so far as to tell my advisor that I wanted a degree that required me to take as little math and history as possible! So my comment was not necessarily against the book itself, just the struggle I had engaging and enjoying it.

  1. I’d have to disagree with two things: It’s not just private schools that gave/give out summer reading lists – I know I had reading lists o’plenty. And I would totally count “The 19th Wife” (and possibly “The Life of Henrietta Lacks”) as historical 🙂

    • Touche, my friend. Since I did not attend public school (and didn’t have many public school friends) I wasn’t sure if y’all got summer reading. Consider my words eaten on that point. Secondly, since I haven’t read “The 19th Wife” or “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” yet, I don’t know if I can classify them as historical! Once they’re finished, I’ll get back to you if I rescind that comment, too 😉

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