Vote Me for M.V.B.

As I mentioned yesterday, there would be an announcement this morning. Here it is!

I saw this contest a few weeks back, thanks to an affinity for local news in addition to a Facebook shout-out from Just Call Me Janks reader, Christina. She was kind enough to nominate the blog and now I’m in the running for Baltimore’s Most Valuable Blogger!

With me being on vacation earlier this week, I’m already a bit behind in asking for your support – voting started Tuesday and is open through September 9th. You can vote in each category once per day (Just Call Me Janks is in the Everything Else category.) I’d really appreciate your support. I’ve put a badge on the main page of the site to serve as a reminder to y’all but will also be putting a link at the bottom of posts for those who don’t view the actual site on a regular basis. Feel free to participate or ignore as you see fit.

Thanks so much for your help in making this goal a reality. It would totally give me a self-esteem boost as well as, you know, validate me as a blogger. And what more than that can a girl ask for? I mean, besides diamonds, love, pretty flowers, nice weather….okay, there are a lot of things. But I’d love it if you’d help me win this thing 🙂


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