Music Memory

Almost everyone has heard the term muscle memory – when your muscles have done certain activities so often that they recall these actions and can perform them almost reflexively. But what about music memory?

A high-school friend of mine, Beth, Facebook messaged me the other day saying that she’s been reading both my blog and our classmate, Lindsey’s. On our blogs, we both mention our love for Body Pump. Beth said that she’s been taking classes for about a month. She was in the car one day and immediately had a knee-jerk reaction to a song that was playing – realizing soon thereafter that it was a difficult Body Pump track.

I’ve had the same thing happen. Maroon 5’s Wake Up Call gets me thinking of biceps and how much that track can kick my bootay.

Lifehouse’s Hanging By A Moment will always be my senior year of high school track.

Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) is reserved for the Habitat for Humanity trip I went on in college.

Whitney Houston’s My Love Is Your Love (Remix) and Alabama’s Angels Among Us take me to Rec Hall, during the last four hours of THON.

Some songs transport you to a different time or place whenever you hear them.

What are those songs for you and where to they take you?



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