Dear Mother Nature…

Yesterday an earthquake hit Baltimore.* I was outside, sitting at a picnic table and felt the ground shake a bit. My co-worker turned to me, asked if I felt that and we both turned around to see the windows of the building behind us reverberating. Weird.

I had never felt an earthquake before and it was creepy. But now it’s over and we’ve moved on to worrying about the next natural occurrence: Hurricane Irene. She’s scheduled to hit this weekend, which, if y’all remember, is Crabfeast 2011. Don’t worry, if we have to hold it in the garage, we will. It’s just not the same if it’s not on the deck overlooking the large expanse of green grass that my parents call their backyard 😦

So here’s my plea…weather gods, if you could let the weather be decent this weekend (at least until Jbomb makes it the majority of the way back to her house), I’d greatly appreciate it. xoxo, Jess

Do you always have a bad weather plan when you hold events or do you just hope for the best? 

* For a more scientific explanation of the earthquake please view my science teacher friend Nick’s blog post. He’s awesome at explaining these things.



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