Man Down!

So I made it through the first few days of running around campus photographing freshmen orientation, but not without some casualties. My feet are too beat up to post a picture, but suffice it to say the last time my feet were in this bad shape was when I was taking pointe class ūüė¶ Thank goodness next week is a fairly short one with the Labor Day holiday; it’s nice to be able to ease back into things.

my very first pair

In weather-related news, Hurricane Irene is still on the warpath towards Baltimore. After much consideration, I made the executive decision to move the time of Crabfeast to earlier in the afternoon. Usually, we start around 6ish and go well into the night, but now we’re starting mid-afternoon in hopes that my out-of-town friends will be willing to make the trip up for the event! (As always, Nick has a full update with science-y type technical information.) It stinks that Jbomb might not be able to make the trip from Pennsylvania (most likely bringing Eat N Park cookies with her), but I can’t expect her to make the trek with a potential hurricane in the forecast!

We smile for Eat N Park cookies!

This week has certainly been one for the books! Between the start of school, an earthquake and now the dang hurricane watch.

Can we go back to last week when I was at the beach? I’ll take a little rain over other natural disasters any day.



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