Come Hell or High Water….

Here’s a little tidbit for y’all to know. Jankoviak girls tend to get their way. It may not be exactly how we plan to get it, or in the timeframe we want it, but we eventually get everything we ask for. This weekend was no exception.

Early yesterday, Janice cancelled her trip. I was bummed, but it was understandable. I wouldn’t want to drive 5.5 hours only to have a hurricane arrive the day I was supposed to leave. Around noon, I checked the weather report and Irene was still estimated to hit us potentially today or early tomorrow. Even though I was planning on holding Crabfeast in the garage, I didn’t want people to jeopardize their well-being just to hang out.

However, I’m stubborn. So I talked myself into keeping the event alive, whatever it took, and called the crab house to place my order. They said that they were expecting a delivery in the afternoon but could not guarantee that I could reserve as many crabs as I had wanted.

That’s when I threw in the towel on Saturday’s event. Yet, I still wanted crabs..bad. I conferred with Mommy J. and we decided that if we weren’t getting crabs as planned, we would try to get a bunch for dinner and invite a few of my very local friends over to have a mini-crabfeast. So I called the crab house back. And they said the maximum they could give me was 3 dozen large crabs. I snatched them up without even asking the price. It wasn’t enough to have friends over, but it was enough for my family and the JA.

So that’s the story of how, even though there were lots of twists and turns along the way, I still got what I wanted – seafood and good company. While it certainly wasn’t what I had planned, it worked out perfectly. Even better was that the JA and I could spend some time together without the worry of impending weather and what driving conditions would be. The football game he was supposed to be working got cancelled and we were able to chill for a bit – even managing to squeeze in a trip to the diner before he left!

As you can see, the clouds are rolling in. While I still wish I could have seen all my friends this afternoon, I’m glad the decision was made to forego Crabfeast 2011. Plus, this gives me an excuse to plan a football-related shindig or a birthday blowout weekend so that everyone can still see each other!

For all those on the East Coast – stay safe, stay dry and good luck!



2 thoughts on “Come Hell or High Water….

  1. Sorry that you had to cancel Crabfeast, Jess. You’re right though, you can do a birthday or a football thing later in the year and get everyone to come out. Hopefully by then, all the hurricanes will be done.

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