Happy First Day of…oh wait.

Today was supposed to be the first day of school for Maryland. However, due to the power outage and road obstructions caused by Hurricane Irene, some of the counties have called off. Even though my school is closed, staff has to report from 9a – 3p.

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. As I mentioned before, having school start has its pros and cons in my life. Additionally, this is a short week anyway due to the Labor Day holiday this weekend.

I got a little taste of the start of school last week when I helped a student (hopefully) receive some media coverage for an article he wrote. THAT is what I love to do. I love interacting with reporters, I love seeing the kid’s face as he realizes that his work is going to be referenced in a larger media space (even better if there’s a picture involved!) During the summer, I miss that. I miss being in-the-know about all things at the school. I miss the hustle and bustle.

I know I’ll most likely regret saying all this….probably before the end of next week. The effect of getting dressed up for work will have worn off, the horrendous traffic will have taken over my life both directions of my commute and I’ll be ready for a break.

At least there’s still one shining beacon that can’t be changed this weekend….the start of college football 🙂


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