Language of Love

Pouchoey and I were talking yesterday about how I love getting gifts (I mean, we are quickly approaching anniversary/birthday time) and she mentioned the term ‘love language.’ I disregarded it, thinking she mistyped and meant something else, until curiosity got the best of me and I asked about it. She explained to me that she had recently found a way to more easily identify your primary way of expressing and interpreting love.

photo by the amazing Mike Scrivener (

The theory was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, who believes that everyone has a love language, and we all identify primarily with one of the five love languages. His research has found that, most often, people are attracted to those who have a different love language than their own.

The five languages of love are as follows:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

Now, I don’t necessarily buy into this theory, but it got me thinking about relationships and how we interact with our partners. It also made me think about how the JA and I differ in our relationship and how it would be interesting to see his results (although, I doubt he’ll want to actually sit down and take it.) Even without him taking the quiz, doing this helped me in realizing how I best receive love and how I can better articulate this to him. Who knows? It could end up really helping us in strengthening our relationship!

What do you think your love language is? If you took the quiz, was the result different than you expected?


Last night, the JA and I had the opportunity to attend the Baltimore Orioles/Boston Red Sox game with a fellow teacher and her husband.  We had great seats, thanks to Just Call Me Janks reader CG 🙂

1st base line, a few rows back

One of my favorite things about the MD, DC, PA area  is that during the national anthem (if there are people there from Baltimore) there is a resounding Ohh! during the line, “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave..” When I was at Penn State, hearing that during football games totally reminded me of home.

It had cooled down during the day, so we had perfect weather for most of the game.  I made it onto the jumbrotron and we got some HUGE beverages (24 oz.).  The rain/thunder/lightning came in about the 7th inning and we thought the game had been called so we left.

they're massive!

However, it had only been delayed and once the rain stopped, the game resumed. The O’s upset the Sox 4-3  and we were upset this morning to find out that we missed it! Oh well. At least we got one ballgame in this season!

Read It and Weep

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I have to share this with you. Yesterday was Daddy Janks’s birthday and to celebrate, we had this:

Carrot cake from scratch with store-bought icing. Delicious. Mommy Janks really outdid herself with this one.

This weekend, I realized that between college football, pro football and the return of my regular tv shows that I haven’t been reading as much as I used to. I’ve already read the Book Club choice this month (One Day by David Nicholls), so I went to my library and picked up a few books:

After I returned from the library, I (of course) remembered a few more books that I wanted to read. I wrote them down and logged into the system Sunday and searched for them. Most of the books had a wait time, so I placed my requests – figuring by the time it was my turn that I would have made it through my current stack.

Nope! Yesterday, I received emails for two of the books I had placed holds on: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal about Us by Jeffery Kluger.

Guess it’s time for me to stop writing and get to reading! Expect a few book reviews soon 🙂

Try It Tuesday: Connect with an Elder

I was never extremely close with either set of my grandparents. While I loved these people, they were not the as present in my life as I would have liked. That’s no fault of my parents, but geography. My grandfathers passed when I was fairly young and my one grandmother lived in Pittsburgh, the other in Exeter, PA. Traveling with three children (one who we thought had ADD and also got motion sick) can’t be easy. So it was holidays and a few summers when we saw the grandmothers.

Mommy J.'s parents

Daddy J.'s parents

The JA’s family is completely different. The whole family gets together on a fairly regular basis (birthdays, holidays, weddings) and stay close throughout the year. Our first real date got cut short because his grandmother was sick and he wanted to go be with her. She passed late last October and the JA moved in with his grandfather that August.

Having the JA live with his grandfather has made me miss my grandparents more. Pretty much every Tuesday, the JA cooks dinner, I bring dessert, and we sit down with his grandfather for a meal. We catch up on life, sports and current events. He’s feisty, reads at least two newspapers a day, and can make us laugh like none other. I have come to appreciate his presence very much.

I hope that if/when I have children, that they are close to their grandparents. Heaven knows Mommy and Daddy Janks are wonderful people and while they aren’t getting any younger (today is, in fact, Daddy J.’s birthday), that doesn’t make them any less valuable.

So today, connect with an elder. Whether it be via Facebook, phone call, in person or (gasp!) old-fashioned letter, I recommend doing it now. They’ll appreciate it, you’ll have done a nice deed for the day, and you never know – you might have more in common than you might think.


Let’s recap the weekend before I brush my shoulders off and reveal the celebrity that I met yesterday.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that the JA and I were heading down to Locust Point for dinner with his old roomies and neighbors. The JA lived in Locust Point for a few years and it’s where we first met.  ‘The Place’ (as we called it) was a hub of social activity for us in our first year of dating. We held many a roofdeck party, celebrated New Years and 4th of July and exchanged our first ‘I love yous’ in that apartment.

evidence of roofdeck shenanagins

Locust Point was a great place of us – close enough to Federal Hill to walk but just far enough away that a suburban girl like me could park without driving around for hours on end in search of a space.

But I digress. We returned to Locust Point at the request of his old neighbors.  Karen and Gene were great neighbors to us at the Place and felt that they never got to say their goodbyes when everyone moved out last August. It’s taken a year, but we finally all got together.  Karen cooked us a wonderful meal and we all got to see the most recent celebrity to come out of Locust Point – Winston the dog.

Now, I understand if you don’t recognize him. He’s just starting his career. However, most likely, you can find him at your local Target store or by clicking on his print…

He’s always been a spoiled pup, but I think this recent success has gone a bit to his head. He was constantly begging for attention as well as food. He was running around the house as if he was king of the castle. Despite his diva attitude, we all had a great evening and can’t wait to get back to Locust Point again soon.

Sunday Love

There’s something about Sundays in the fall. Maybe it’s the fact that they are filled with optimism and hope for the Ravens.

Maybe it’s because I tend to just sit on the couch, resting and doing laundry.

Maybe it’s because Mommy Janks makes dinner and we all eat together as a family.

Whatever it is, Sundays make me a happy girl. Tonight, the JA and I are returning to Locust Point for a dinner party thrown by his old neighbors for him and his roommates. We haven’t hung out with the gang in a while and I’m super excited to catch up with all of them.

Best wishes for a happy and relaxing Sunday for you all 🙂


Last night, the school for which I work had its first annual gala. It went well, with the exception of the fact that I had a horrible “ugly cry” moment at the end.

You see, our school’s president is dying. He has prostate cancer and has gone through multiple chemo treatments at Johns Hopkins. He is a wonderful man and has done great things for the school since taking the position ten years ago. He speaks his mind in a very blunt manner, he knows how to manage teenage boys, and has found his way into my heart. He doesn’t really enjoy the spotlight, but knows that in times like these, many people want to honor him while he’s still with us.

I did well for the majority of the program – making it safely through the student speeches, our Principal’s speech and even our President’s speech. It was a poem at the end that did me in. The poem was written by one of the school’s English teachers and spoke directly to the impact our President has had on the school. I had read a rough draft of the piece, but not the final. Students began reading and I knew I was in for a cryfest.

Yet, the kicker was when our Principal read the final stanza. It was a thank you to end all thank yous and I lost it. Like, hardcore sobbing. Gasping for air. As a matter of fact, one of the parents who sat at the table in front of me said that she could hear me sobbing from her seat. EEK!

this is probably what I looked like...

But I’m not completely embarrassed. In fact, I’m going to own this. That man deserves those tears, because I’m sure he’s shed his fair share in ten years at the school. And because I will miss him terribly. Until then, I will do as he always requests and march on.