The Kindness of Others

Last night, after a successful blood draw and shopping trip, I made my way over to the JA’s for the evening.

The evening didn’t start off so well, but significantly improved when ice cream was offered. We went to Rita’s, an italian ice franchise chain. Before we left, I asked the JA if he had his wallet on him so that I could leave my purse at home. He swore that he did, yet after we had already ordered, he checked his pockets and it was no where to be found.

As we recollected our flabbergasted selves and tried to devise a plan on how to tell the poor person who had filled our order that she’d have to hold it for us while we ran back and got some money, a WONDERFULLY nice woman offered to pay for our food. We, embarrassingly, accepted.

Now, I don’t want to get gushy on you, but this totally restored my faith in humanity. Many a person just stood in line, waiting to get their own dessert. This woman saw people in need and helped out. She didn’t tell us her name or any information so that we can pay her back.

Therefore, to the lady who paid for our ice cream yesterday evening, thank you. It had already been a rough day and you gave both the JA and myself something for which to smile 🙂

I’m out for the day – college football begins this morning (PSU v. Indiana State kickoff at noon) and then the JA and I have a family wedding this afternoon. Have a great one!



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