Try It Tuesday: How I Met Your Mother

So sorry I’ve been slacking on the posts these past few days! After the wedding on Saturday, the JA and I got invited to the beach by his family and decided to be (somewhat) spontaneous and go.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, well-deserved Labor Day weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

And now, for today’s Try It Tuesday. Again, I feel like I should apologize. Two TV shows in a row. However, both are worth your time!

It’s no secret from my review of Bad Teacher that I appreciate Jason Segel. What you don’t know is that I absolutely adore Neil Patrick Harris (dating back to his Doogie Howser, M.D. days.)

How can you not heart him? Totally crushworthy, even back then.

Therefore, it’s easily assumed that a show that contains both of these lovely men would be a hit in my book. It is. How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has been on television since 2005 and I’ve only this past season started to appreciate it. Sure, it’s great fluff t.v. when it reruns at 11 p.m. on weeknights, but after seeing the majority of those episodes I decided it was time to try it for real.

Before I delve into my thoughts and why I love the show so much, let me give you the show in a nutshell. Think Friends in a post-Friends world, only funnier. That’s pretty much HIMYM in less than ten words. A group of young professionals living and loving in New York. There have been a few good cameos and guest spots over the years (Britney Spears was on for a few episodes and Sarah Chalke was a romantic interest for one season.)

Yet this season, the cast really had to show their acting chops. For those of you loyal watchers, you know what episode(s) to which I’m referring. The entire cast went from a happy-go-lucky, fun loving group to one that showed that they could do well with dramatic, serious material while still throwing around Canada jokes.

Before primetime starts back up again, I encourage you to watch at least a few HIMYM episodes. Maybe it’s because I’m a twenty-something or maybe it’s because each episode ends with a page from the Bro Code, but it’s definitely on my shortlist for next series to watch all the way through.



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