Wedding Bells

As I mentioned yesterday, I was a bit M.I.A. this weekend. Here’s a brief glimpse at what happened.

Friday night was an emotional roller coaster. Saturday started with an early morning power outage at the JA’s, resulting in me coming back to my place so that I could rest and pack for our impromptu beach trip. After returning to the JA’s, it was time for my College GameDay tradition – an Einstein Bros. Santa Fe bagel, coffee and Penn State football!

Penn State ended up winning the game 41-7 against Indiana State. We only got to watch the first half of the game because we had a wedding to attend. The JA’s cousin got married at a small church in Virginia. It was a nice ceremony with a reception at a nearby country club. Everyone had a good time – I was just glad that I got along with that side of his family!

And yes, I caught the bouquet. I got the head nod signaling ‘you’re going to do it anyway, so I might as well give you what you want’ from the JA, so I let loose and grabbed it!

This wedding is one of the first of our wedding season; we both have weddings this weekend – mine is my friend Liz’s and his is his cousin’s.

Hopefully the weather holds because both weddings are outside! After this weekend, we have one more wedding in October and then I think we’re done. While I love weddings, it’s a lot to party that hard every weekend! Thank heavens we decided to go to the beach Sunday and Monday to take some time and relax.

What’s your favorite part of a wedding? Mine is seeing two people happily in love. I also have a new appreciation of how weddings bring families together. Since I don’t have a large, close-knit family like the JA’s, it’s been a learning experience but one that I’m thoroughly enjoying!


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