Here Comes the Rain Again…

It rained all day here in Maryland yesterday. Sometimes it was light, but more often it was a hard, fast rain. The kind that leads to flooding like this:

That’s the area in which the JA resides. Seems better today, but it’s still scheduled to rain all day again.

Good news is that forecast looks like it’s supposed to clear up for the weddings this weekend, but until then all I can wonder is why is this happening here, again, to us? It would be much better served somewhere like Texas, to quell the fires that have destroyed homes and property.

Additionally, this weather does make for good ‘sweatpants and a book’ time. I’m working my way through my summer book list, finishing Our Guys a few weeks ago and trudging my way through The 19th Wife. With this month’s Book Club meeting right around the corner, I decided to start The Violets of March in hopes that I would finish it in time. It’s totally sucked me in. Expect a book review in the near future!

What’s your favorite rainy day activity? I have a few: napping, reading, movie watching and sitting and listening to the rain.



2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Rain Again…

  1. I’ve never had a “Rain Day” before, but today, my husband, baby, and I are all enjoying our day off from school for the rain–well, the flooding actually. Benny is in a warm sleeper, I’m in comfy clothes and we’re just relaxing all day. Hopefully there will be a nice cup of coffee and reading in my future when the baby naps. A book, a blanket, and a cup of coffee on a rainy day inside-is there anything better?!

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