It’s Liz’s wedding day! Yesterday, amidst a bit of rain and a LOT of humidity, we held the rehearsal. Things went off without a hitch (besides frizzy hair and a few bug bites). The venue is perfect for a wedding, but I’m just hoping that it doesn’t rain anymore before the ceremony!`

After the ceremony, we went to OB’s Prime for dinner. The crabcake was just was I was craving and the atmosphere was very upscale – perfect for a rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom didn’t skimp on dessert – which is one thing I love about them! There was Berger cookie pie, an apple crumb pie and cookies n cream cake. The pies were from Dangerously Delicious Pies and the cake was from the Baltimore Cakery.

The cake was fantastic! I also snuck a few bites of the Berger cookie pie and it didn’t disappoint, either.

Before we hit the sheets, some of the bridal party took Liz out for a beverage. Harry Brownes is within a very short walking distance of our hotels and let me tell you, the upstairs bar is awesome. The drink was just potent enough without being overpowering and the leather chairs in the corner are so comfortable that I had to leave before I fell asleep in one!

Yesterday, Liz was very calm, but there are still those few nagging details that are of concern to her. I’m on my way to go get ready for the wedding and make sure she’s still calm. We can’t have a stressed out bride!


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