BFFs and Birthdays

I absolutely LOVE birthdays. I think they are a chance to celebrate a person for who they are and who they have yet to become. The JA isn’t big on birthdays, and I tend to celebrate mine for two weekends in the fall. It’s a difference that I respect, but I feel that everyone should get to have THEIR day, each and every year.

Momma Loosh’s day will forever be 9/11. She was born on a day that now means so much to the United States as a country. However, 9/11 has always been important to me, because it’s the birthday of my best friend.

Momma Loosh and I have been friends since my mother made the decision to go back to work after I was born. Her mom babysat me (and eventually my siblings). Momma Loosh and I met in preschool and were fast friends – always choosing the pink mats at naptime and even having the same book bag. Our moms embellished them with our names and felt stars.

I started sucking my thumb because Momma Loosh did. We were little girls together, keeping our friendship alive through dance class. She went to public school, I to private school and the time we saw each other as we continued through middle and high school was in those classes.

We were close, but not extremely close. We went to college and our bond grew stronger. Our friendship is special – I don’t call her when every little thing happens, but I know she is always there for me when I need her the most. I met her now husband while they were dating – I honestly didn’t know him that well when they got married, but as the time has passed, we’ve grown closer. He’s great (how can someone who’s a Penn State fan not be?) and they are now parents.

I have been asked to be the godparent of their firstborn son. When Momma Loosh read my blog post on the topic, she responded with an email that made me bawl my eyes out; telling me how important I am to her and how she knows I’ll be a good godparent and how she hopes that her son is lucky enough to have a bond like we do.

So this post is my response to her email. She deserves her moment to shine. So here’s to you, Momma Loosh. I love you and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


3 thoughts on “BFFs and Birthdays

  1. Oh boy do those pictures bring back some great memories. I think one of my favorite all-time pictures of us is the one from our very first ballet recital. Thank you for your words of kindness and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us either!

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