Try It Tuesday: Annapolis, MD

Upon returning to Annapolis this weekend for Liz’s wedding, I remembered how much of a treasure it is. With it being only a short distance from Baltimore, I have made many trips there for many different reasons. Every time, I fall back in love with the city. For those of you in the MD/DC/VA area (and even for those of you who are not) it’s a great place to sit back and relax – especially during the warmer months.

The first thing I love about Annapolis is that everything is pretty much in walking distance if you’re staying downtown. I parked my car for two days straight – not moving it once – and loved every second of it. While sometimes it gets muggy and a bit uncomfortable, I enjoy being able to walk everywhere; it gets me some exercise and I get to explore the nooks and crannies of places I might not have noticed if I were driving.

The second thing I love about Annapolis is the water. I am a beach person and being by any sort of water is soothing to me. Downtown Annapolis has a large dock area called the City Dock which houses many boats, restaurants and outdoor concerts. It’s a great place for pictures as well as to people watch.

The third thing I love about the town is the food. Oh, the food! Chick & Ruth’s Delly is a must. I have dreams about their crab & cheese omelet (yes, it’s that good.) There’s also the Annapolis Ice Cream Company (which I have yet to try) and lots of other places that I can’t write about because my stomach’s already growling…

Accommodations are also a big plus for Annapolis. Since it’s a historic area, there are less hotels and more bed & breakfasts. On one of our first getaways, the JA and I stayed at the State House Inn and this time I stayed at the Governor Calvert House. I preferred the State House Inn, only because our room had more light and a view of the Chesapeake Bay. My room in the Governor Calvert House faced a courtyard and I had to leave the light on all the time to ensure I wouldn’t bump into anything!

Annapolis also has its share of shopping and bars. Things can add up quickly, though, as Annapolis tends to be a bit more pricey than other areas in Maryland. However, my ex-roomie and I did see a Penn State celebrity while out one night…but that story is for another time.

In conclusion, if you get the chance and are looking for a waterfront getaway with lots of walking and tons of entertainment options, I highly recommend this town!

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