F is for Friday! Congratulations, we’ve made it through another week 🙂

F is for FANTASTIC. Which is how I feel after being named Editor’s Choice in the Everything Else Category for Baltimore’s Most Valuable Blogger contest. Thanks to all of you who voted – I appreciate all your support. Editor’s Choice is determined by whichever blog has the highest average scores after all the editor committee’s votes are tallied, so I think it’s just as good (maybe even a little bit better!) than People’s Choice.

F is for Fall. The air has turned crisp here in Baltimore, football is in full swing, reunions start this weekend and I get to wear skirts and boots. Need I say more?

F is for Fawns of Satan. These three were caught eating in the side yard.

Stay away, you mongrels. I don’t need another incident involving one of you and my windshield. We all know that your kind got away scot free while poor Stuart the Saab ended up with this…

yes, those are tufts of fur in my windshield

F is also for fear – the original planned topic for this post. Pouchoey and I were discussing fears regarding past and current relationships. It’s great to have friends that push you and tell you things even when they know it might tick you off. And parts of our conversation did. But it was only because deep down I knew the things she was saying to be true. For me, the easiest way to face a fear is to identify it, why I’m scared of it and then challenge/conquer it head on.

Finally, F is for french manicure. This is really girlie, but for someone like me who does not have strong nails/been able to keep a manicure chip-free for long, this is amazing. I got a gel manicure for Liz’s wedding and these are my nails after one week. Ridiculousness. Although it’s a bit more than I normally pay for nails (read:nothing), I am a convert.

What are your Fs for Friday? Keep it clean here, people.


2 thoughts on “Eff.

  1. Congrats on the award, Jess! And I can totally empathize with your troubles with your furry friends from the back yard (there’s 3 F’s for you :-p).

    I must say though that the most important F of all (at least this time of year) is FOOTBALL!

    • Way to make good use of the Fs, Nick! And football is obviously a major part of our lives this time of year. Good luck to you in your quest for MIIS fantasy football glory!

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