Geez Louise

Well, Penn State pulled out a W over Temple 14-10. In the words of Pouchoey, “Can PSU please finally realize that Bolden is not Daryll Clark?” I am highly disappointed in my Nittany Lions and am pessimistic about how we’ll perform in conference play. They trailed the Owls pretty much all game until they realized that, oh, they were playing an actual game and scored in the last seven minutes.

That's right, Joe. You should be ashamed. That game was NOT how we play.

Our high school varsity team also suffered a close loss (by missing the tying field goal), so I’m hoping the Ravens can show up to play like they did last week and end the football weekend on a happy note!

That was pretty much my Saturday. School, couch, football. Oh, and the reunion. Eesh – the reunion. Uneventful, but it’s always amusing to be a bystander to so much drunken testosterone in one room. It. was. ridiculous. Add to this that these are guys my age (I have my ten-year high school reunion later this fall) and it just gets interesting.

After the reunion, the JA and I layed low – watching a movie and passing out. Good thing, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this gorgeous fall day! The sun in shining, the air is crisp and it’s Ravens day! We started the morning at one of our favorite haunts, Einstein Bros. Bagels. I have a game day tradition of a Santa Fe breakfast sandwich and a vanilla hazelnut coffee, so today’s order was just that. You can’t mess with tradition! It totally hit the spot and now we’re just going to relax until it’s gametime.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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