Love and Loss

First off, let’s recap the weekend:

Yesterday I was optimistic for a Ravens win, but the team obviously couldn’t hear my play calling and lost to the Titans. It was a heartbreaker, considering we performed so well against the Steelers last week.

Being in a relationship, I’m slowly learning how the JA and I differ in our ability to deal with loss – particularly football loss. During games, I yell at the TV and drink copious amounts of beverage to deal with impending doom. Once the loss occurs, I take a deep breath, let out a string of expletives, post some nasty messages to Facebook and then quickly move on to other games – hoping that the teams I despise meet a similar fate to my beloved team.

the JA also likes to take his frustration out with yelling, copious amounts of beverage and even going as far as to remove himself from the area where we were watching together to be by himself.  He also puts messages on Facebook although we are both very careful in what we say. Working at a high school has censored our posts a bit and made us VERY aware of language and other potentially inappropriate-ness.

So really, the one are in which we differ is our recovery time. With the Ravens loss yesterday, it took the JA a significant amount of time before he was ready to face the world and look forward to next week’s game. I was ready by the time post-game interviews ended. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still bitter and frustrated with the loss, it just takes us different amounts of time before we get over it and get on with the rest of our lives.

Do you your roomie/significant other have differing  recovery times after a tough loss? How do you deal with it?


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