Last night, the JA and I had the opportunity to attend the Baltimore Orioles/Boston Red Sox game with a fellow teacher and her husband.  We had great seats, thanks to Just Call Me Janks reader CG 🙂

1st base line, a few rows back

One of my favorite things about the MD, DC, PA area  is that during the national anthem (if there are people there from Baltimore) there is a resounding Ohh! during the line, “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave..” When I was at Penn State, hearing that during football games totally reminded me of home.

It had cooled down during the day, so we had perfect weather for most of the game.  I made it onto the jumbrotron and we got some HUGE beverages (24 oz.).  The rain/thunder/lightning came in about the 7th inning and we thought the game had been called so we left.

they're massive!

However, it had only been delayed and once the rain stopped, the game resumed. The O’s upset the Sox 4-3  and we were upset this morning to find out that we missed it! Oh well. At least we got one ballgame in this season!


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