Try It Tuesday: Jen Lancaster, Author

If you’re like me, things that interest you include (but are not limited to):

  • laughing at yourself (or things that you find funny but in reality are only quasi-amusing)
  • food
  • wine
  • shopping
  • ridiculousness in general

If you read that list and replied, “Oh yes, that’s totally me!”, you’ll love Jen Lancaster. Jen is an author who not only writes books, but has a highly hysterical blog – Jennsylvania.  Not gonna lie, Jen’s books are my guilty pleasure. Along with the mountain of other books I have out of the library at the moment, Jen’s most recent book (If You Were Here: A Novel) is now ready for me to pick up and I can’t wait to go get it.

Jen’s books are autobiographical, but not in a stuffy way. They are totally down to earth and I feel like if we met, we’d totally be BFFs. She’s hysterically funny in her descriptions of life scenarios (my favorites are her irate letters to her rude neighbors and her chronicles of her time with a personal trainer) and pokes fun at herself in a way that every woman should.  The most recent book is her first work of fiction and after reading some reviews, I’m a bit nervous that it’s not going to reinforce what I’ve come to expect from her. We’ll see. I’ll make sure to keep y’all posted.

as always, click photo for source

Jen’s book list includes the following:

Now, if those subtitles don’t at least elicit a chuckle (or at the very least an increased sense of curiosity), I honestly don’t know what will.

Go forth and read, my friends.

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