High School Night

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. A day that isn’t inherently bad, but isn’t exactly good, either. It was overwhelming on many levels at different times during the day.

image by Marc Johns (click for source)

Thank heavens for spontaneous opportunities. One of my closest high school friends, Claire, called asking me to get some fresh air and walk the NCR trail with her after work. Even though I just saw her last week, after the day I was having, I jumped at the chance to hang out.

We did about 4 miles on the trail and then parted ways. I love the girl to death, but afterward she wanted to grab a bag of peanut butter M&Ms in lieu of dinner and catch a movie. I’m sorry, but I cannot justify M&Ms for dinner. So I came home and ate with the fam.

I then received a call from another high school friend of mine just to chat as she was strolling the streets of New Orleans. I hadn’t really talked to her in a while and it was good to hear from her!

After that, I had the high school bug and called two of my guy friends from that time. In all honesty, it was a bit of ‘shop talk’ for them – both are lawyers and I had a question that needed to be answered. However, talking to them reminded me how great it is to have friends that you’ve known for a long time and can call at the drop of a hat with a question (an added bonus is knowing they’ll get back to you promptly!).

Speaking with all those people from my past gave me the boost I needed. I finished the night laughing away to Modern Family and Happy Endings.

Who is the person/people that you contact to pick you up when you’re having a down day?

One thought on “High School Night

  1. I feel ya! I find that time with friends, whether in person or via phone, is just what I need to lift my spirits. And combining that with some outside activity, like your walk, is even better. Kudos!

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