Get Jessed Up

One of my favorite parts of the fall is the change in weather. The air turns crisp, but not too cold and I can open my bedroom window and truly enjoy the warmth of my comforter. This change also allows me to extend my cute outfits from summer a bit longer before my wardrobe becomes pants, pants and more pants. Oh, and sweaters, too. They are a staple of mine in the winter.

Enter Get Jessed Up – a fashion blog by a fellow PR person in Baltimore whose name, coincidentally, is Jess. She super cute (with hair to die for) who finds inspiration in photos and translates the looks with items in her closet. I’m super excited to see what outfits she has in store for the Baltimore winter. Heavens knows I need some inspiration to keep me from wearing the same thing all the time!

I’ve followed the blog for a month or so now and saw an outfit earlier this week that I knew I could replicate with items in my closet. Jess had asked for photos if readers attempted the look and so I sent one in.

Lo and behold, I am the blog’s first “Feature Friday.” Go on over and check it out!

In other news, it’s going to be a pretty calm Saturday around here. With being so busy the past few weeks, I’m actually looking forward to just hanging around the house, watching the Penn State game and then working a reunion tonight. Leaves plenty of time to hit the pile of books I have waiting for me!

What’s a staple piece of clothing (or accessory) in your closet? Coming from a Catholic school childhood (meaning I was in uniforms most of my life), I’m still getting the hang of putting outfits and accessories together. Thank goodness for fashion blogs and celebrities to keep my up-to-date on the seasonal trends!


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