We Got Older, But We’re Still Young…

The one good thing about working reunions for a school is that it’s a continuous reminder that although we all may get older in age, we don’t have to act like it.

Being surrounded by teenagers at work can sometimes make one feel old or out of the loop. Last year, I was talking to some seniors about going off to college and mentioned that I didn’t have a cell phone until my sophomore year of college. My boyfriend had to *GASP* call my room phone. One of the boys looks me dead in the face and asks, “Was it one of those dial phones? (making a semi-circular motion with his finger). “NO,” I emphatically replied. “It was NOT a rotary phone – how old do you think I am?!”

The reason this popped on my radar is because we are officially less than one month away from my birthday. While I look forward to my birthday like little children anticipate Christmas, there’s something about getting older that concerns me. Not in a bad “oh geez what am I doing with my life” sort of way but more of a “have I made a positive difference” sort of way.

I’m going to save the lists and lessons I’ve learned from the past year as we get closer to November 7th (that’s the day – mark your calendars :P). But suffice it to say, it’s been a pretty good year and I can’t wait to see what my 28th year has in store for me.


One thought on “We Got Older, But We’re Still Young…

  1. “Old” is a rotary phone for sure. Several years ago, when babysitting for my nephew (who is actually young enough to be my grandchild, but that’s not really the point), he said, “Let’s call Grandma.” And I said. “”Okay, I’ll dial her number.” And he said, “What’s ‘dial’?”

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