Sunday Slowdown

For being a snowy, yucky day yesterday, it sure was exhausting!

First, I made the decision to get my butt out of bed and go to my first pilates class. It was awesome – much better for me than yoga. I think that’s because I have a fairly strong core and the moves reminded me a bit of dance class. Yoga was just too much concentration for me, but that’s not saying I won’t give it another try!

After pilates, I gathered my things and headed over to the JA’s to watch Penn State pull out a nail-biting win over Illinois. With the win, JoePa has the most wins EVER for a Division 1 football coach. Congrats on 409, Joe!

After calming down and eating some glorious Ledo’s Pizza (pineapple and pepperoni – I’m telling you. It’s heaven), I had to do some last minute additions to the JA’s costume. We’re Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

Hey Y'all

We went to a party where I had a few glasses of witches brew.

I was also one of the ‘tricks’ in trick or treating for the kids. Adults were given bags in which there were tricks or treats. Kids were instructed to blindly reach into the bag so that they were surprised at the result. With my bag containing spinach, I wasn’t too popular 😦

And now…for today. I was required to get up early to run errands and such while the JA tailgates for the Ravens game. Better get cracking if I want to watch the game!

Hopefully I can squeeze a nap in somewhere. I’m still a bit tired!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday 🙂


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