Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that the JA and I got engaged. We are very excited but also EXHAUSTED. It was one heck of a day for both of us and we’re still recuperating!

I knew I couldn’t keep y’all waiting too long, so here’s the recap:

I have learned that there were two plans for yesterday: Plan Alpha and Plan Beta. Plan Alpha included someone who was not present at school yesterday. Monday night, the poor JA had to scramble and assemble Plan Beta, which was put into effect yesterday morning.

I get to the office and it’s a normal anniversary day – flowers on my desk and plans for dinner that evening (Stoney River Steakhouse, anyone?) Little did I know what really coming!

At around 11 a.m., my boss asks me to accompany her to the top of a very tall, very important building on our school’s campus to take some aerial photos for a project we’re working on together. I take my time figuring out which lens would be best for the occasion, placing it into the camera, polishing the lens, testing the flash, etc. Meanwhile, the JA is in place – pacing and trying not to puke.

My boss and I climb the 70-some steps to reach the top of the structure and as I turn the corner, I notice a very, very nervous JA. As my mind catches up with my eyes and I realize what’s happening, I start to flip.out. I mean, shallow breaths, heart racing, holy crap type stuff. My boss slowly retreats, the JA says some very nice things very quickly, gets down on his knee and asks me to marry him.

I, obviously, said YES!

Since most of the faculty and staff knew what was happening, there was a mass gathering at the bottom of the building. Once I said yes, I must have let out an “eee!” or some such noise because all of a sudden there were cheers and claps from below.

We descended and were again met with cheers from not only the faculty and staff, but students as well. The JA says he didn’t plan it this way, but his proposal fell right during the change of classes. I swear, half the school was outside waiting for us.

At this point, we made our way to say hello to the people who couldn’t leave their posts: our principal (who politely asked me to stop shaking so much that he could take a picture of the ring), some of the Administrative Assistants and those in the cafeteria.

We managed to fit some photos in and then made our way off campus to see our school president, the JA’s grandfather, his mom and dad each at work and then came back to my place. The JA informed me that between grading massive amounts of work and nerves, he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in about 3 days, so I set him up on the couch while I emailed, called and Facebooked away.

After a few hours, we went to dinner with our parents (only the Moms had met before, so this was a great opportunity to introduce the Dads to each other) and then made the rounds to see a few of our friends who live in Towson.

All in all, a very wonderful, very exhausting day. We are so thrilled to be engaged, but are taking our time with the planning process. We want to enjoy our engagement period, not rush it and make it as stress free as possible (a tall order if you personally know one or both of us).

Nerd Alert: Apparently, with all the couples who have met while working at our school, there has never been a proposal where we got engaged. So, not only did we make our own personal memory, we are now part of the school’s history as well. Pretty neat, huh?


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