Blue and White

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve heard about what’s going on at Penn State. As a proud alumnus, not of these actions but of my school in general, here are my thoughts.

1. Joe Paterno, while not completely innocent, should not be removed from his post. Joe (and Sue) Paterno have done much for Penn State outside of the football arena. Paterno Library, anyone?

2. Graham Spanier, Penn State President, should be punished/possibly fired for allowing these types of actions occur.

3. Mike McQueary should also be kept out of the limelight. Both he and Joe thought what they did was the correct action, it was up to Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to take the information and act on it.

the JA and I have had some great conversations about this: from a PR standpoint (me) and an education standpoint (him). We’re both interested to see how it plays out – not only in the spotlight, but also on the field this Saturday in the last home game of the 2011 season.

Until then, I will repost something that have been circulating on Facebook that I found inspiring and heartfelt in wake of this tragedy: An Open Letter from a Buckeye to a Nittany Lion.

“Forever true to you, dear old white and blue….”

2 thoughts on “Blue and White

  1. I was shocked to hear all of this. I have a lot of friends in the b-more area that went there. The spring before my freshman year of college there was a huge dug bust on our campus that sent many students to jail. It cast such a dark shadow on the school, but we learned from it and moved on. I know Penn State will be able to do that too.

    • I hope so. It’s all the media can talk about right now and instead of focusing on the true villains and culprits, they decide to place all the attention and blame on Joe Pa. It’s just so upsetting to see.

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