Just Desserts

Every Tuesday, the JA and I have ‘family dinner.’  I go over to his grandfather’s house and he cooks. I bring dessert. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle a long workday, a trip to the gym and then making a dessert that can withstand a half-hour drive.

Sometimes I get ambitious, making these (subbing store-bought frosting for the homemade), these and, more recently, these (subbing the Oreos for crushed graham crackers), these and these.

these parfaits were perfect!

And then there are days like yesterday, when this happens.

I finished work and decided that since it was dark and starting to rain that I would forgo the gym. I walked into the house and proceeded to waste time on Facebook, Pinterest, Perez Hilton and cleaning out my personal email inbox (out of control, I tell you!). I then stopped at the grocery store to pick these up (and may or may not have eaten one in the car before leaving the parking lot.) It was glorious.

What’s your favorite store-bought snack?


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