Long Overdue

Since I have mini writers block this post is going to be about hair. Feel free to close the window now, but it might actually be worth it if you stick with me until the end…

I am not a long hair person. My bangs grow out, I end up putting it up all the time and it looks stringy. Gross.

Plus, I love my stylist, Shelly at Coco & Buff. We bonded over the fact that we’re both Christmas criers (meaning that we were spoiled in our younger years and cried on Christmas if we didn’t get our dream toy/gadget.) It happens.

I haven’t seen her since the JA and I got engaged and I can’t wait to retell the story and get her ideas for wedding hairstyles! I have some styles in mind (one example is below), but I might have to grow my hair out in order to achieve them. I guess we’ll just have to see!

as always, click for source

Happy Friday 🙂


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