Today is Saturday. Penn State plays at 3p. My ten-year high school reunion is this evening.

It’s hard for me to maintain a routine during the holidays. I’ve been sleeping in, eating a ton, drinking waaay more than I should and not exercising enough. Last week, I vowed to recommit, but so far I’ve been falling flat. Granted, it’s hard to focus when surprise visitors stop by!

Last night, the JA and I were determined to get out of the house. We decided to see a movie, but I totally forgot that it was Friday night. I don’t know about where you are, but Friday night is teen date night at the movies around where we are. The movie we wanted to see was (of course) sold out, so we came back to my place and watched The Holiday. And then we evened it out with some Captain America.

It was the perfect evening to my extended weekend!

Do you have problems sticking to a routine during the holiday season?

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