Sniff, Sniff

Do you ever have those days where you’re not quite sick enough to stay home but the idea of a full day of work just seems impossible?

That’s me today. I think my immune system is either:

a.) reacting to the flu shot I got last week,

b.) getting on par with the wonky weather we’ve had here in Baltimore lately (yesterday – warm and rainy, today – chilly and chilly),

c.) picking up all those horrible germs that were present in the waiting room during my doctor check-up the other day,


d.) giving me something for which to blame the JA. He’s around kiddos all day and often serves as a carrier for all sorts of stuff.

Here’s hoping that it’s just a passing cold and not the flu!


One thought on “Sniff, Sniff

  1. Just wait till you have kids and they go to school……I get more stuff from them then I get from the people I pick up on the medic unit.

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